Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, hello there

I suppose I should begin with a formal introduction. My name is Terry Towery and I live in Peoria, IL, with my wife and three sons.

I spent 25 years working at the third largest daily newspaper in Illinois, working my way from city desk reporter to columnist to assistant city editor/assignment editor.

I love, love, love politics and managed a federal Congressional campaign in 2008. We lost, but we had one hell of a blast doing it.

I also love music (old rock, new rock, alt rock and pop), baseball, cigars, coffee, writing, video games and my family. I work out regularly at the gym, but I hate it. Really I do.

I am trying (and I stress trying) to polish both my manuscript and my query letter in an effort to find an agent (are you listening, Nathan Bransford?) and get published.

First off, no one said it was going to be this damned hard! All my life, I'd dreamed of kicking back someday and writing a book and, voila!, I would be living the good life. But alas, no. Finishing the ms was but the beginning. (I can hear all of you writers out there shaking your heads in agreement). And of course, we all get to sit around and watch as the publishing world crashes down around our workspaces. Sheesh. And to think I left journalism for much the same reason.

But I have hope. Really, I do.

I don't think for one minute that people are going to stop reading books. Oh sure, they might read them on e-readers or nooks or whatever they're called, but they will still be READING. And as long as they are still reading, someone out here has to write them. Right?

And that might as well be me. And you.

So let's soldier on in this brave new world, coffee mug in hand and permanent squint on our faces as we hunt and peck our way to publishing success. Or just, you know, getting published. Whatever.

I do hope you come back to visit now and then. I promise that as I get the hang of this blogging thing, I will improve.

Peace out.



  1. Good luck to you in your search for an agent and book deal! I'll check back now and then, looking for good news :)

  2. Thanks Windy! We'll keep our fingers crossed.