Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random ramblings on a Sunday night

I'd like to post something deep and meaningful on Father's Day, but I can't. My father and I were never close, unfortunately, and I never had much of a relationship with him after he and my Mom were divorced when I was ten.

He was killed in a car accident 14 years ago next week.

I did, however, luck into having three wonderful sons. My middle son, Zach, and his lovely girlfriend Kayla just left. We had a nice visit on the deck and it was a good excuse for Zach and I to enjoy a cigar together. My oldest, Blaine, called and texted me several times while we were at the tournament. And Brennan, the youngest, got me a brand new Alias 2 smartphone for Father's Day (I suspect the wife actually paid for it). So now I can check my e-mail anytime I want.

The baseball weekend is finally over, although we have another out-of-town game tomorrow night. I always gripe and groan about these Little League games, and then I miss them something terrible when the season is over. And this is likely the final season of baseball, since Brennan will be too old for Little League next year. So a 17-year family tradition will come to an end next month.

But the biggest news of the weekend belongs to Jennifer, my lovely wife. (She's the little cute one in the front in the photo above). As many of you know, she was selected for the roller derby league being put together here, which I find hilarious since she's a college-educated journalist who just happens to be 5-feet tall and weighs a whopping 105 pounds.

But she's tough as hell and determined to do a good job. I could learn from that kind of dedication. Anyway, they had tryouts for the league's travel team and of the 40 women who tried out, they picked 16. And she was one of them! Yay. I'm so proud.

I'm also ready to get back to writing after a three-week hiatus. I'm still not sure why I was so blocked, but maybe it was time-off well spent. Brennan and I have been enjoying his summer vacation and just hanging out. And now I feel rejuvenated and energized.

I'm ready to get back to querying for TDYDK and back to writing my next one. Here's hoping it starts to flow.

And a happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there (and to anyone who's ever had a Dad).


  1. Happy Father's Day Terry. You must have done something right, it seems that you have three great boys.

    It's good to hear you're back to writing. The breaks are definitely good. I hope to see another chapter soon at RITM.

    On my trip to nowhere land characters started revealing themselves to me little by little. I just let it roll around and had visions of scenarios playing out in my head. I made notes on my iPhone during the ride home and now comes the hard part...actually looking at them and creating something worth reading.

    I'm envious of your cute little wife and her roller derby abilities. Maybe I'll try out next year. ;)

    Happy Writing

  2. Thanks to both of you!

    Gina, you really should try out. Jennifer LOVES it so far. It's kind of dangerous, but I suspect that's part of the allure for her.