Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life happens

Last week, I whined, er, blogged about how crappy things have been lately. For some reason, I thought that blogging about it might somehow convince Fate to find someone else to pick on.


This past week has seen life in the Towery household veer from one disaster to another, with nary a second in between to catch my breath or write a word on the new novel, let alone actually write a blog post. (I apologize for that.)

So. Kids. We can't live without them, and (legally) we can't kill them. So. We're stuck, I guess. Now don't get me wrong. I love my kids. Really, truly and deeply. I do.

But sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like without them. I know that sounds harsh, but I would imagine that anyone out there with teens knows exactly what I mean. Right?

I mean, think about it. No hassles. No arguments. No smart-assed comments. No problems at school. No legal woes. No twisted and totaled cars (mine, of course). No lying awake at night, worrying about them because you just know what you used to do when you were nineteen.

God. I should have just gotten a dog.

Now let me say this: I have good kids, relatively speaking. I do. And I am grateful for that. They haven't been in jail for anything serious (ahem), nor do any of them have a substance abuse problem that I know of (of course, anything's possible). But Lord, are there problems with three -- count 'em, three -- sons.

Did I say I love them? I do. Did I also say I sometimes want to grab them and shake them until some sense actually seeps into their well-loved but very thick skulls? No? Well, I do.

So there's been no writing in my life for the past two weeks. And I am about to bring that to an end. I want to get back to MY life. If that makes me a selfish father, then so be it. So to any Towery boys out there reading this blog: STRAIGHTEN THE HELL UP AND FLY RIGHT.

There. I feel better.

[End of fatherhood rant]

Hey, guess what? My lovely wife has started a blog at her newspaper. It's called Training Wheels: Diary of a Derby Girl.

It's rather awesome, if I do say so myself. And I have yet to find another first-person roller derby blog at any other newspaper in the country. So there.

Here latest post can be found here:

I would encourage anyone reading this to read her awesome blog and comment, since page hits and comments are used to gauge reader interest. Be sure to read all of the posts, which are listed in order on the right side of the page. There are pictures, too. And more coming.

I'm really proud of her. She rocks.

Oh, and I was named bench coach of her team, The Hard Knocks. I've attended two scrimmages so far and I'm LOVING it. Big-time. I'm still learning, but it's a great sport and the women are awesome.

And now a word about my writing career, since that's what THIS blog is supposed to be about. I sent out six newly rewritten queries last week. I've had one rejection so far -- from Dan Brown's agent. Nothing like being rejected by the very best, I always say. ;)

Anyway, the assistant who rejected me pointed out that my work just doesn't fit into the agent's scope of interests. Hmmm. A novel about God, religion, Satan that also includes lots of anti-religion isn't within this particular agent's scope of interests? Whatever.

I intend to get back to working on the new one this week. It's been a while, so I will need to read the thing so I can remember where I was going. But I am pushing on, because I am committed to getting published.

I can do this. And so can you.

Have a good Sunday and we'll talk again real soon.


  1. oh my goodness! i laughed so hard at this post! i have three sons, and live in fear of the teen years! (still far away!) i wonder how i'll be able to FEED them, let alone put up with the honery-ness! oh well! gotta love them!
    and your blog is running much more smoothly on my computer now!! :)

  2. Oh I definitely know how you feel. I love my son too - but I sure do HATE teenagers!

  3. My girls are only six and four and they are masters at turning me into a screaming hag. I can only imagine what the teen years are going to be like--shudder.

  4. Oh, I have SOOO been there! Although my three (two girls, one boy) are just entering pre-adolescence, I can see the writing on the wall.

    I don't think you're selfish, just brave, honest... Parenthood is pretty damn consuming. Sometimes I have to hold the chance of writing before me like a carrot on a stick ("Hang in there, bedtime's coming. You can write then.")