Monday, October 18, 2010

Derby, writing and a new nickname

I know I've been AWOL lately, but it's been for a couple of good reasons.

See, our roller derby league's first exhibition bout is this coming Saturday. As bench coach of the Hard Knocks, we're busy getting ready to kick some Polka Bot ass. And that, my friends, has been fairly time consuming.

[The photo at left is my lovely wife, Jennifer, aka Genghis Mom of the fabulous Hard Knocks, doing what she does best.]

We had practice and team photos tonight and have a full-blown scrimmage with more photos tomorrow night. Then we start getting ready for the bout. Surprisingly (or not), we've nearly sold out the East Peoria Convention Center! Wow. It's going to be so very cool.

And, I'm pleased to announce, I have my new derby name! Yes, even us men have to come up with a weird name. Mine is (drum roll ...) Rusty Razor! It's appropriate, since I only shave a couple of times a months when I'm writing. (It's a weird superstition thing. Don't ask.)

On top of all that, I'm back hard at work on the new WIP, Empty Spaces. I did some major rewriting today and I'm ready to start moving the story forward again after a few weeks of spotty work. It feels good to be working again.

I'm also still hard at work querying for The Devil You Don't Know. I've heard nothing from any agents since my partial rejection last week, but I'm holding out hope. Of course, I still have about 200 agents yet to query, so this baby ain't over yet.

I just wanted to check in with everyone. How's your lives and writing coming along these days?


  1. Doing what she does best? Terry, honey. It looks like what she does best is grab other girls' boobies. :-)

    I'm back on the writing horse, myself.

  2. I have always thought roller derby looked like a blast.

    I'm gearing up to go out of the country on Friday, but I'm back to writing after a long hiatus as well. Finally decided to put my first novel online instead of hoarding it for another decade, so maybe Constant Reader will kick my ass into finishing it at some point.

    I'm also working on a serial zombie-centric story for Tales of the Zombie War called Everybody But Lazarus. I really need to resubmit some rejected stories too.

    So much work to do, good thing I'm going on vacation instead!

  3. Christi, dear. You say that like it's a bad thing. ;)

    Kellye: As a non-player, I can tell you that derby IS a blast. It's become a wonderful non-writing outlet for me, and it's done the wife a world of good (she's a journalist and under a great deal of stress every single day).

    Have fun on your trip and good luck with your writing!

  4. roller derby looks like such a great time. I love the name Rusty Razors. And Im happy to hear you feel good writing again!