Sunday, January 9, 2011

Derby, revising and tragedy

My wife's roller derby team, the Hard Knocks, have announced their second bout later this month. That's the poster at left and yes, the cute one on the far left in the red shorts is my wife.

The only problem is, the bout is scheduled for the weekend when I will be at the Writer's Digest conference in New York. Damn it. Oh well, I'm sure the team will survive without me (just kidding).

I know I've been absent around here a great deal lately, and there's a good reason for it: I have been (once again) rewriting The Devil You Don't Know. I had another book editor go through it and she made some excellent suggestions designed to tighten up the plot and quicken the pace a bit in the first 150 pages.

Well, once I got started revising I started rewriting. So now the book has gotten even smaller (I've cut another thousand words) and better (I think). Next up will be polishing my query and creating a pitch that I can take with me to the conference, where I will find myself face-to-face with 57 literary agents! Gulp.

And finally, I've been glued to the television and the Internet in the wake of the mass killing in Arizona on Saturday. How very sad. I will refrain from posting a political diatribe (although I would LOVE to) and will say only that it's time to knock off all of the hatred and name-calling and divisive rhetoric and try to become a united country again. Before it's too late.

Have a good Sunday evening. We'll talk to tomorrow (which is, wait for it ... my birthday!).


  1. Good luck with the conference, Terry. I'm sure more than one of those agents will want to read TDYDK. *crosses everything*

  2. We are missing a lot of the debate over here, but are aghast at the tragedy of it all.

    Good luck to my fellow derbyer (PS - I am now officially Madmother according to twoevils...)

  3. I'm kinda glad I'll have derby to distract me while Terry's off in New York wowing agents and living large -- kinda.

    Madmother, my name is official on twoevils as well! This means more to me than my college degree, I think.

    Happy birthday, sweetheart. I couldn't be more proud of all you have accomplished and the writer you've become.

  4. Whoa! A real roller derby team. I fell in love with the idea after seeing Whip It! Hope your wife's team wins and I hope you have a great time at the conference.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. I'd love to post a political diatribe also, but there's no point as no one listens (or at least no one who needs to listen listens).

  6. I've missed you...and so will the Derby team. Who else is going to help carry and set up the flooring?!?

    Glad to hear you've got a renewed vigor to TDYDK. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you during the conference, not that I think you need the luck...but it never hurts.

  7. Revising to me always means rewriting. I always seem to see something that will work better, or some scene that shouldn't be there, or some character that needs killing off, or... You get the picture. So don't feel alone.

    Good luck to you in NY and to your wife at home! And happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Terry.

    Good luck with the conference and the re-write.