Monday, March 28, 2011

The rumors of my death ...

... have been greatly exaggerated. No, seriously. I am alive. And well.

It's just that I was attending a spiritual retreat the past several days that included "unplugging" from all of the technology that we love, which also at times drives us completely bonkers.

But I'm back, relatively refreshed and ready to get back to writing and blogging. I'm sure you are thrilled. (ahem)

So. I will write a "real" blog post tomorrow. I received a couple of very cool blog awards during my hiatus and I shall acknowledge them properly.

That is all. :)


  1. Yikes! For a minute there I thought your site had been over run by the Hyperbole and Half girl!


    Glad to hear you're okay; hope the retreat went well.

  2. hee hee hee!
    we ARE thrilled!

  3. Jake NeuenschwanderMarch 30, 2011 at 4:12 AM

    It's funny what you can find when you have time on your hands. Like your blog, with a link in facebook. Well, you've got another follower. I love reading and I find it very cool that I was hanging out with a journalist this past weekend. Heck, even one who uses the term "dude". That is my term, Dude. Keep up the good work. Now, I am going to try and find out how to get a copy of your first book. I support my friends and I figure this is the least I can do for you. Laterz.

  4. Sounds like the retreat went well. But it's April 3rd now. Where are you????

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