Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have a quick question, one that was brought up to me by a trusted friend and beta reader.

When you hear the title, Empty Spaces, what do you think of?

Does it remind you of the Pink Floyd song?

A chick lit book?

A book about home redecorating?

Something else?

I'm seriously considering a title change for my new novel.



  1. I would think either a book about personal loss, or maybe a reflective literary novel.

  2. If I saw it on a book I would think the cover image would also give a hint. Without any cues, I think chick lit.

  3. What does "A Farewell to Arms" tell you about Hemingway's novel? Well, arms could mean weapons or a lover's arms. As it turns out, the book is about both, but at least I knew it was one or the other. I have no guesses why you called your novel Empty Spaces. I have only read your blog's little summary. I can't even guess why it would be called Empty Spaces, nor am I intrigued as to why it might be called Empty Spaces. I am intrigued by the Hemingway title...especially once I've started the book, and the dual meaning gives me a sense of foreboding. There may be text specific reasons why you chose Empty Spaces. If so, it may be a good title. If not, then no, it's not particularly eye-catching.

  4. When I think of the title against the blurb on your website, I think of empty seats in a classroom after the shooting left by the deceased. I don't think it is a poor title choice... I think it all depends on why...

  5. without the blurb i would have thought contemporary ya or chick lit.
    with the blurb i assume it refers to the vacancies in the classroom, in the people left behind's hearts. i would expect the story to be quite solemn, full of longing- a need to fill those spaces, although they can never be truly filled again. i would expect to need a box of kleenex to read this story.
    i wouldn't have thought thriller, though.
    but i find it a striking and emotive title.

  6. I'm a huge Floyd fan, so naturally that's what I think of. I'm not part of your target audience, though, so I wouldn't worry too much about my opinion.

  7. First thought? The darkness within.

  8. If I already know it's a novel, I'd think Western. If not I would probably be thinking something about design or architecture.