Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is it ALWAYS this hot?

Well, after a series of rather comical (not at the time, of course) episodes of getting lost -- including getting onto the wrong Pennsylvania Turnpike (don't ask), we arrived in Washington, D.C. Thursday evening.

We've been here several times, including as recently as last year. Once, in the summer of 2005, I was here with my son Zach and his eighth grade class and it was very hot.

But that was nothing. I mean, it's freaking HOT here now. I mean fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk, melt the frigging soles of your tennis shoes hot.


Brennan and I walked for several hours yesterday with the heat index well above 100 degrees and by the time we got back to the hotel, we both looked a bit like Chevy Chase in the film Vacation when he wanders in the desert after wrecking the Family Truckster. Today, we took a cab to Union Station for lunch. We're dumb, but we're not stupid.

I also found a really cool cigar shop and bought some fine sticks for the trip. I was in heaven, believe me.

Unfortunately, Brennan and I learned the Marc train doesn't run on weekends anymore, so we were faced with a conundrum: How to get to Baltimore tomorrow to meet up with blog friend Tracy for the Orioles-Twins game?

Finally, I booked us on Amtrak from Union Station to Penn Station in Baltimore. Round trip cost? $75! And that doesn't' include the light rail from the station to Camden Yards and back. We leave in the morning from the hotel at about 9 and won't get back until about 8 at night.

And it's supposed to rain and storm all day.

Regardless, we're spending the day in Baltimore, rain or shine. I hope the kid's up for eight hours of schlumping through museums and aquariums.

Oh well. We're here and having a blast. Hope all is well with you guys. I'll update again when I get the chance.


  1. This is the hottest its been here in a really long time! Lucky you!!

    The good thing - once you get here - is that everything important is within walking distance of Camden Yards. So even if the ballgame does get washed out early the Aquarium and all the good food places are real close at hand.

    I'm sure I'll see you before you get this message. :D

  2. ooh! museums are the best! have a blast!

  3. This is the hottest summer EVER! I'm very happy you are enjoying your time in DC. And Im sure you will have a good time in Baltimore too!

  4. Hello my dear blog friend. I know it's been a while but I'm still here I promise. I read all your posts and I'm sorry I've missed so many.

    I was gone for a week (passed through Peoria and thought about you) and the week before that I really had a lot going on personally.

    It feels like my creativity is on hiatus. I'm still writing everyday but it's ALL crap!

    I've also been spending a lot of time with my daughter on her summer break. She is thirteen and I'm not sure how many more summers I'll be able to enjoy with her.

    I've barely even been on line. I just needed a break from cyberspace to come back to the real world and socialize.

    Anywho, it sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your summer and I hope you come back to the keyboard renewed and refreshed when Brennan goes back to school.

    By the way, I love love love this super hot weather. I'm in my glory. I've been swimming at our lake a lot and doing a lot of riding and breaking down.

    Talk to you soon.