Friday, April 16, 2010

Family movie night returns!

Things are finally getting back to normal in the Towery household. The youngster is un-grounded (has it been a month already?) and most of our crazy everyone-is-doing-something-different-tonight crap is done for a while.

At least until Little League starts in a few weeks and even then, I don't think there are many games other than tournaments on Friday nights. And the wife, who is still struggling with her roller derby nickname, doesn't have practice on Fridays.

And me? Dude, I'm a writer. I'm always free. 'Nuff said.

So that means Family Movie Night is back, starting tonight. Hurrah!

Since we've already watched every movie from the 1980s that doesn't send me screaming for a gun or a baseball bat (many of them do, trust me), we've decided to just pick a decent movie each week (read: me pick it), fire up the popcorn and settle in for the night.

For this evening's viewing pleasure, I rented 2012 in Blu-Ray. Yes, we saw it at the theater and no, it's not that great. But you know, it wasn't that bad either. Good rental material, in other words.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. What do you say we meet back here Sunday evening?

Coolio. It's a deal. :)


  1. Although 2012 wouldn't win awards or anything, it was definitely entertaining. I've watched it a few times. Mostly because I love to watch cities fall apart.

  2. Oh my yes, that director LOVES to destroy shit. I particularly liked seeing LA and Las Vegas go down. ;)

  3. I loved the movie. It was very suspenseful. I kept screaming in my head, "just run already!" And definitely good special effects.