Sunday, April 4, 2010

Opening Night!

The convergence of Easter and April 4 makes tonight the Holiest Night of the Year, hands down.

Yes, it's Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.
It's also Major League Baseball's Opening Night (first pitch is seven minutes away, so this will be a very brief post) and no one could be happier than me. I actually busted my butt to get the revision done by Friday at the latest, so it wouldn't run into baseball's opening week.
Happy Opening Night to everyone who celebrates it.

Baseball means Spring to me. Hot dogs. Renewal and redemption. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. The warm sun and a triple play.

Dayum, I'm excited.

I posted this picture because I am a Cubs fan and anything that disparages the hated Deadbirds makes me happy. So, sue me. Of course, it's a friendly rivalry. Some of my best friends are Cardinals fans. The schmucks.

So, I'm off to watch tonight's Red Sox-Yankees opener. Rooting for whoever plays the Yankees is almost as much fun as rooting for my lovable losers.

Later. It's time.



  1. Yes, thank you Terry, Go Sox!!!!

    I know you won't bother looking until after the game (maybe) but I left you something on my blog.

  2. God wants the Cardinals to win this season.

    Happy Easter.

  3. You're probably right, Christi. God is clearly not a Cubs fan.

  4. Red Sox fan here! Happy opening night (belatedly) - and they came back to put those Yanks down! Woohoo.