Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling overwhelmed? I am

Perhaps you've noticed that I've been blogging less lately. It's nothing personal, and I am still finding time to read my fave blogs out there and comment when possible, since I know how important it is to me when someone comments on one of my posts.

When I started this blog back around Thanksgiving, I had already finished writing The Devil You Don't Know and was essentially waiting around for the book editor to read the manuscript and get it back to me for a massive round of revisions. I got it back in January and started revising and editing immediately.

But I still found time to blog six days a week. In fact, I enjoyed it. I especially liked the give-and-take with other writers out there, both published and unpublished. It was nice to know I wasn't alone in my frustrations.

But as I continue to query (I've sent out 12 so far and have received 6 rejections), I've started back writing my political thriller. And it's been consuming my days (and sometimes nights). In fact, it's been leaving me pretty much exhausted by early evening. Throw in dinner, Little League and family time, and my blogging time has suddenly evaporated. I need to cut back, folks.

I intend to keep blogging -- as often as I possibly can. I enjoy it far too much to quit now. It is my sincere hope that my faithful readers will continue to drop by and read and comment as they see fit. I would certainly appreciate it.

And knowing me, I'll probably still blog three or four times a week. I just don't want to have to feel guilty if I don't write a post each day. I hope you understand and hang with me.


  1. Do what you have to in order to keep your mind off querying and waiting for responses.

    Everybody gets overwhelmed now and then; it's nothing you have to apologize for. We'll be around to read when you get the chance to post, and won't hold it against you when you don't.


  2. Terry, this is totally understandable. In fact, it's commendable. Personally I spend a lot of time blogging and reading/commenting on other blogs right now because I had become discouraged with writing and now I have connected with so many other writers that it is really great.

    That being said I do wish I had the discipline to stick more to my true writing and revising. So the bottom line is that I certainly respect you for your choice and will keep coming back to your blog whenever you do find the time. No worries.

  3. Well, I'm not going anywhere, but you already know that. I don't know how you posted as often as you did all that time.

    I guess the balance changes from time to time.

  4. There's absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty! Writing takes a lot of time and energy. You need to put that first. We understand. It happens to all of us at some point. Some of us (me) tend to get a little TOO distracted by blogging.

  5. Believe me, I have been going through this same thing. I blog, I don't write, I write, I don't blog. It's a catch-22. But hey, no worries, we're always around. And what's more important, your writing (which will someday pay the bills) or your blogging buddies -- whom you've never met?

  6. Good luck with the querying efforts and with your WIP.

    I remember when my sons played in Pony League. Ahhh, there was nothing I loved more than sitting out at the ballfield watching a game. I even helped coach for a few years until my daughter came along. I'm the one that taught many of the boys on the teams how to throw. I can throw about as hard as the average 13 year old player. After that, the boys are just too good. lol.

    I sure don't blame you for cutting back on blogging, especially with summer coming up quick. I'm sure I'll stop by from time to time.

  7. Terry, you make me feel so guilty with my pathetic amount of postings. I applaud your regularity.

    And as everyone above has already stated, we will all be here :)

  8. Take time to work on getting the book published, Terry. Keep querying and try to think of other ways of getting attention for the book that would lead to an agent saying yes. Bloggin shouldn't be something you feel like you have to do, do it only when you have the time and you want to. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere until you're published!

  9. This is why I only commit to updating my blog one day a week right now. I'm a writer, not a blogger, and I'd rather be working on my MS.

  10. I feel the same way. I only want to do blog posts when I feel I have something useful to say rather than just putting one up to have one up. It is tough to keep coming up with good posts, especially when I should be concentrating on actual writing and editing.

  11. Welcome to the world of the blogging slackers, Terry. The water is warm, jump on in!

    I think, cutting back also helps keep things fresh. I know, for me, I didn't want to get to a point where I felt like it was a chore to update the B-L-O-G. Ya know?

    Baseball update -- My O's finally broke into double digits in the win column. Time to party! lol

  12. Oh gosh, you blog way more than I do. Don't sweat it!

  13. I enjoy your blog and look forward to continuing to read your updates. Please don't feel that you need to blog about something profound. It's fun hearing about the ordinary, everyday things. For instance, what has since happened with the sour old lady at the gym?