Monday, March 1, 2010

Collecting my thoughts

OK. The title of this post is a bit, um, misleading. I wasn't really collecting my thoughts today. I was nearly comatose from exhaustion.


I did no work. None. I did very little reading. In fact, I'm not really sure what I did today. I know I spent a long time right here, at this computer. Puttering around. Doing nothing constructive. Reading blogs and Facebook and Twitter and God knows what else.

The recent trip really wore me out. It always does, but generally by Monday I'm back in the saddle again. But not today. Wiped out, thy name is Terry.

And now I'm facing a true intellectual dilemma. I need to decide whether to get back to work revising my manuscript or ... buy MLB 2010: The Show, which hits stores tomorrow!

Man, what a decision. Work. New video game. Work. New video game.

(closes eyes and points at screen) Ah, I see I've picked new video game. Well, now that that decision is out of the way, I need to decide which team I want to be this year.

Lemme see: Cubs. Cubs. Cubs. Hmmmm. Tough call.

SERIOUS POSTSCRIPT: I will get the game tomorrow, but I also plan to work. Did you really think I was that damned lazy? OK. Fine. You got me. I can be. But not this time.


  1. 'Work. New video game. Work. New video game'. Love it!

    But, you must get back to revising your manuscript. You must. End of story. Put down those controls. Immediately. Well, after you've had a little play. After all, you've earned a reward by the sound of your week abroad :)

  2. I spent my whole weekend playing FIFA 10. Okay, not my whole weekend. 10-2 on Friday was spent spent playing football in the snow and Sunday morning was spent watching the Liverpool v Blackburn game. Point is, nothing wrong with shirking work for play every now and again. All work and no play makes Terry a dead fellow. Or something. Just make sure you get some work done eventually.

  3. You did a lot of work for others on your trip, so take some time and have some fun!