Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Politics and writing don't mix

I got absolutely nothing done on my manuscript revisions because I met the new campaign manager for a local U.S. Congressional candidate for lunch today and it turned into a lengthy strategy talk.

Don't get me wrong: I love politics. And there's nothing better than sitting in a swank little coffee shop talking political maneuvering. I managed a Congressional campaign in '08, which is why the guy called me. His candidate is running against the same young Congressman who defeated my candidate.

So, for some reason, he called me for advice. I didn't have the heart to tell the kid that calling the losing campaign manager is probably not the best of ideas.

Anyway, I got caught up in the subject, which never fails to make my heart beat a little faster, and the day just slipped away. So, no work today. But lots of political fun.

Nonetheless, I can see the light at the end of the revision tunnel. And no, I'm pretty sure it's not an oncoming freight train. I hope.

You know, after having spent three years writing, editing and revising this novel, I hope I have the courage to finally get it out there and shop it around. I have two, count 'em two, new novels started and, frankly, I'm dying to get to them. But I really want this one ready. I know it needs to be perfect to sell in the market's current state of uncertainty and disarray. And I need to polish up that damn query letter again.

So let's hope I can get back to it again, and don't end up working for a campaign again. While fun, it's the kind of work that literally takes all of one's time. And as much as I would like it, I know I need to get this novel done and out there.

Until tomorrow.


  1. There's a light at the end of the revision tunnel? Darn, and here I thought there was shortcut. ;-)

    I posted an award for you today on my blog...a fun one ;-)

  2. Thanks Justine. I shall repay the favor tomorrow. Now to figure out who to lie about. Bwahahahahaha.....

  3. I left you an award, too.

    In fact, I've noticed your absence from my page. I can only imagine life is incredibly hectic for you to abandon ME. (kidding)

    As far as politics go... I'm one of those disinterested parties. There's something amuck with the system, and any time one sole voice makes any kind of difference, it's for the worst. Those with the worst rhetoric attract the most ignorant sheep. I mean 'voters.'

  4. Politics gets my blood moving faster too and I would have to agree with Christi on this one.

    I'm so excited for you and The Devil...

    What an exciting life you lead.