Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Whip it. Whip it good.

Sorry for the late post tonight. It was a hectic evening, one of those nights when every family member had something going on -- all in different parts of the city.

I attended a Mexico mission team meeting tonight. We're getting ready for our annual recruiting lunch a week from this Sunday. The team members each give a little talk about what the trip meant to us, then we show a 20-minute DVD of the trip. And then we eat Mexican food. A lot of Mexican food. Yum.

The 12-year-old had play practice at his school (about the only thing he's allowed to do these days), so I had to take him there after we all met at a restaurant for dinner earlier, then rush to my meeting on the other side of the city, then leave early and go get him, etc.

And where was the lovely wife all this time, you ask? Well ........

She was at tryouts for, get this, a new women's roller derby team that's forming here! That's right. My wife, a thoughtful and educated journalist, wants to be a roller derby babe. All 5-feet-1-inches, 110 pounds of her. Personally, I think she's nuts, but hey, who am I to judge? We both seem to have this bizarre death wish that leads us to all kinds of crazy things. We've both jumped out of airplanes, for instance. And of course, there's my treasure hunting trip to South America. And the mission trips. And she does some pretty crazy things, too.

Go figure. We read about the roller derby team in the Sunday paper and, boom, she was there!

Anyway, she won't find out if she made the team for a couple of days. Part of me doesn't want her to get hurt, but part of me kind of hopes she makes it. How cool would that be?

So. Have a great night and we'll connect tomorrow.


  1. I am so jealous! I was setting up to try out for the team here in chicago and I missed the deadline by a day so I have to wait until next year. Keep us updated. That is so effin cool! Mrs.T rocks!

  2. Hah! Guess where I was today? Roller Derby fitness training! Yep, even here in Oz.

    You should direct your other half to check out my other blog (one of the four):

    Even us tertiary chicks need to derby!

  3. First and foremost. I love that song. It was recently on VH1's top 100 best 1 hit wonders. ;-)

    Roller Derby? I've watched that...seems dangerous!


  4. 1. All copies of Whip It currently in existence should be mulched without hesitation. It's a public service.

    2. Does your wife have a really cool derby name picked out yet? (Best one I ever heard was from a church team - the "Holy Rollers". Their lead player was called "The Abrahammer".)

  5. That is so cool of your wife! Will she write about her experiences? I hope so, this sounds great! And I'm still dying to know what your son did to get in so much trouble over.