Friday, March 26, 2010

Focusing on what's important

I'm not ignoring you guys. Honestly, I'm not. I've just been really busy in real life and, well, it's cut into my online life.

I know. I hate when that happens. But the past two days, I've been able to squeeze in some revising, but not much else. I spent today with my oldest son, Blaine. We had a good lunch together, a nice visit and did some hanging out. You know. Guy stuff.

Also, we received some fairly ominous news about an older family member's health yesterday and we're just sort of hoping and praying for the best, you know? Should something happen, or should his condition worsen in the next few days, it will likely require an out-of-state trip. So that's kind of hanging out there on the horizon.

I hope to work on the manuscript over the weekend. In fact, I'm not taking any days off (unless something happens. You know.) until it's done. I am trying to FOCUS on getting the revisions done. I have four beta readers waiting patiently for me to knock off the remaining eight chapters.

No family movie night tonight, since the kid is grounded for life (or least a few more days). Maybe next week, we can back to our usual Friday movie. I'm still not sure if we're staying with the '80s theme, or if I'm ready to move on to other stuff.

Stay tuned. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Sunday evening.


  1. Sorry to hear about your family member's health, I'll pray for you too.

  2. Sorry to hear. Hoping the sick member of your family will improve.

  3. I'm sending all my good energy your way.

    Dontcha hate it when you have to actually go out and socialize with real live people? Ughhhk

  4. I'm thinking positive thoughts for your ailing family member. I hope they get better. Good luck on the revisions.