Thursday, June 3, 2010

A happier picture for Marty

This is me and two mission friends outside the Mayan ruins in central Yucatan. We were just being goofy. Marty asked for a happier photo, and this is the best I could do in the short term. Oh, I'm the goofball on the left! As you can see, I like to wear black. :)


  1. See no evil is cheating unless those are blackout shades ;-)

  2. You look great! Okay, now let's see one where we can actually see you smiling.

    Although that is quite the charming monkey way. I knew I was on to something with those monkeys.

  3. Josin: He started laughing and uncovered his eyes. Although now that I think about it, those MIGHT be blackout shades!

    Gina: I found this one precisely because of the monkey connection! I thought you would appreciate it. And NO MORE pictures of Terry. I creep myself out enough as it is. :)

  4. Great photo!

    I've been in the Yucatan and loved it.

    Remember, Stephen King wrote a bunch of novels before somebody accepted CARRIE (I think he wrote five). Never give up. Be a madman for writing.

  5. Terry, first of all I love your steampunk typewriter pic at the top. Is that new or have I been neglecting your blog?

    Second, until you told us I had no idea which guy was you! I guess we're all just crusty old cats who should not be judged by our appearance (you and me that is, not Josin of course).

    Also the Yucatan sounds awesome. The only spot in this hemisphere I would to visit more is Machu Picchu.

  6. Matthew: Nope, same old typewriter pic. I do like it, though.

    And yes, I'm a crusty old fart (although those two crustier farts with me are quite a bit older than I am. Just sayin'). ;)

  7. Ha ha ha! Now THAT puts me in a good mood! Thanks, Terry!

  8. The hardest part about writing on a typewriter is: where's the mouse?