Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm alive!

I was offline almost the entire holiday weekend. We were busy with graduation parties and family get-togethers and road trips and all the other stuff that families do on long holiday weekends.

And I am pooped.

I started the new novel over the weekend, and by today I had already run out of gas. I'm 1,700 words in, and I'm clueless as to where to go next (even though I have, like, this huge outline). In other words, I'm writing again! Whoo-hoo.

I know I announced a couple of weeks ago that I was scaling back my blogging -- and I have -- but today I want to announce just the opposite. I have missed blogging every day, so I hereby promise to blog most every day except Saturday. Even if it' something short and sweet.

Like this one.


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend. And YAY for writing again!

  2. I finally wrote chapter 10 over the weekend, the chapter I'd been procrastinating writing for weeks. Good to hear you were productive, too.

  3. Go You! How are the Cubbies doing? I haven't even looked at the stats for the Sox. I'm afraid.

    I thought you were writing The Kite and loving it? Where'd this new one come from?

  4. Take a break. Get some coffee. And start writing again. It usually works for me. Or pulling weeds. For some reason when I start pulling weeds I get the urge to write. Isn't that weird?

  5. I was starting to worry. Seriously. I said I was going to check here and my e-mail one more time and if I hadn't seen you I was sending an e-mail. I'm glad to see you had a long, exhausting, fun-filled weekend. I wasn't on-line from Friday until today myself. But I was checking e-mails.

    Anyway, I understand the stuck. This is what keeps happening to me, which is why I decided to just start submitting the chapters I have at RITM for critique and I hope as I'm doing that something will come to me. I'm on my way over there now. Glad to see your alive. ;)

  6. I was offline all weekend too. I had a lot going on over here as well.

    Im glad your writing again. But, don't try to force it. For me sometimes stories take on a life of their own, I can't tell you how many times I've started with an outline and gone WAY off course!