Saturday, January 23, 2010

Family movie night!

Well, we finally made out choice for this week's Family Movie, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

That's right. The Breakfast Club.


We rented it last week, too, but ended up watching Moon. And it was pretty good, too, albeit a little weird. Even The Wife liked it. But we got busy and never got around to Molly & Co., so we re-rented it, along with Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (a Michael Douglas flick). We'll try to fit it in sometime this weekend -- although tomorrow is booked solid with NFL playoffs.

Thinking ahead to next Friday (remember we postponed this a night to watch the Haiti telethon, which was pretty cool), we are already talking about renting Broadcast News, a favorite of mine.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back for my usual Sunday Musings tomorrow.


  1. Broadcast News is great, especially the scene where Albert Brooks starts sweating. Maybe you could add Lost in America and have a double feature.

  2. I am a huge 80's fan, but I've never seen Broadcast News. Will I be shunned? I'll rent it.

  3. Gina,
    Albert Brooks, William Hurt and Holly Hunter. Good stuff. Although it's a journalism movie, which always appeals to me, it's also a great movie. Well worth a rental.

  4. I don't watch movies very often. But my wife, Valerie, rented one just for me, I think. I gotta say, you need to watch "Taking Chance," which has been winning some awards this year.