Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Revisions, revisions

I'm knee-deep in a major revision of THE DEVIL YOU DON'T KNOW.

I got the edited manuscript back from my editor over the weekend and spent yesterday afternoon reading through her edits and taking notes. There are many, but thankfully most are of the minor variety. I do, however, need to strengthen a few scenes.

Today, I started at the beginning (duh) and tightened, rewrote and just generally polished, as per her editing instructions. Most of the work centers around "finding a better word." Apparently, I have a rather common way of describing things -- which doesn't surprise me, since my years of journalism taught me to do just that. It's a bitch to unlearn years of training and experience.

And I admit I went through a few hours of pure terror and depression yesterday. It doesn't take much to get me to doubt my ability, and seeing all of those red marks proved more than enough. But today, my head's a little clearer and I was able to see what these revisions really mean -- that my good manuscript has the chance to get better.

And that's what it takes to get published these days. Good just doesn't cut it. So I'm polishing like a jeweler, hoping like hell I find a nice shiny diamond inside this rough little stone.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Maybe that's why I sucked at journalism... I describe everything in the most colorful way I can! I do seem to remember my teacher telling me to stick the facts, come to think of it.

    You've got the right attitude, take the criticism and use it to improve your book (if it's valid).