Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Writing FAIL!

I admit it. I wrote nothing today. Nada. Not one damned word on the new book. I feel so guilty. Really. I do.

I mean, I did some work to further my blossoming (ahem) literary career. I revised my query letter and posted it to two separate websites for critique purposes -- which is a bit like sticking your hand into a garbage disposal. In other words, it's painful. But necessary, I suppose. Okay, sticking your hand in a garbage disposal isn't necessary, but you get my drift.

See, my lovely wife was off work today so we went out and had a wonderful lunch at a hip little restaurant that opened in town recently. As part of her job at the newspaper, she sometimes does restaurant reviews and sometimes, if I'm a really good boy, I get to go along! Awesome, huh?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

Now we have a massive snowstorm bearing down on us, so I suspect the 12-year-old will be home tomorrow (he so hopes). Still, I ought be able to double-down and get some serious writing done.

We shall see.

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  1. I did the same Terry, well without the lovely wife and a restaurant review...and it wasn't really a hip little place.
    I took a shower and just threw on sweats and a sweatshirt to go to The Olive Garden for dinner. I go there regularly, so I feel entitled to walk in there dressed that way. We were supposed to see Sherlock Holmes afterward. Our plans changed when we got a phone call from a family member. So after dinner we had to take a ride to 26th and Cal. I know I don't have to explain. As we were walking to the entrance, I said to my husband, "If I knew we were going to end up here, I would have worn something a little nicer." He just laughed and said, "Now, that's f@#*$# up." I guess he doesn't understand.

    It's still not snowing here, but the salt trucks are on the side of the road waiting.