Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday night title question

I need some advice on my work in progress, specifically about its working title. I realize you haven't read it yet (because I haven't written it yet. Ha ha), but I want to know which title trips your trigger.

I don't know about you, but for me, a book title is very important. A really cool, sexy title makes me want to pick that baby up and buy it. So I'm asking for a little help in deciding which title is sexier. Okay? Here we go.

1. The Crossroads.
2. A Cold Day in Hell.
3. The Clearing at Lourdes.

All three would work with my story idea. But take a moment and envision them on a really cool book cover at your local Barnes & Noble (from my keyboard to God's ear!).

Knowing nothing more about its content, which title would make you stop and reach for the book? And more importantly, why?


  1. I like number 3! It's compelling and enigmatic. Also creates a setting and even places the novel in a different time period in a way; reminds me of a cool, old mystery novel. Has a literary ring too it too. Absolutely a title to which I would be drawn. Made significant headway today on Devil. Almost done! Should be calling you soon. -Staley

  2. Ah. The Moment of Truth. Thanks Staley! ;)

  3. I like The Crossroads.
    Why you ask?
    Because I think every human being can relate to that. We have all been at a Crossroads at one time or another and will be again.
    Everybody likes something they can relate to. Right?

  4. I vote for "A Cold Day In Hell". Crossroads seems to common and the other seems to "nice" for the piece - seems like it might appeal to the ladies, but it does not describe a "gritty" novel.

  5. Well if I could read it! I might have a better idea!


  6. This if for the new one, Doug. The first one is done. If you're REALLY serious about reading it, I can arrange it. :)

  7. Thanks for the comment :) I did query Janet and she rejected it after a month. :-( Maybe the next one.

    (For your title, I like the word Lourdes - it stands out where "crossroads" and "cold day in hell" don't.)

  8. I agree with Josin and vote for number 3.