Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF, Haiti and blog awards!

Um, hi. Yes, I survived the past couple of days. Crushing depression? No probs. Lack of confidence? Bring it on. Fear? Yawn.

(You buying all that? No? Didn't think so.)

The good news is, I'm still plugging away on my revisions and have not, repeat, have not trashed it. Not yet. In fact, I'm starting to get excited over this particular round of revisions. How's that for weird? I know.

I've even come up with a theory as to why it seems to hurt so much this time:

It's going to make the book better. Much better. And like most things in life that have impact, have weight, it hurts like hell! Ever had a dislocated finger popped back into place? If you have, you know what I mean.

Someone (maybe Native Americans?) once said that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. (I think some German philosopher may have stolen the saying from them -- but then what else is new?)

So onward and upward. Pip pip. Tally Ho. And all that blather.

Oh! My dear blog-friend Kristy Hutchison gave A Writer of Wrongs an award!!! I know. Weird, huh? But so so so very cool. I just started blogging a couple of months ago after never having blogged in my life. As anyone who's ever visited this blog knows, I'm just learning the ropes. So it's incredibly cool and very humbling when someone who runs as good a blog as Kristy does (link below. Visit her and follow her!) takes time out of her busy life to recognize little old me.

Thanks Kristy. And right back atcha! Her wonderful blog (This Train of Thought Has Been Derailed) can be found at or you can see my list of favorites. She's always been one of mine!

This is also the day I usually announce which Family Movie we've picked to watch tonight. As some of you know, we've been on this 80s kick. Well, ok, I've been on this 80s kick. So sue me. Anyhoo, we decided as a family to postpone the movie until tomorrow night (I'll do a rare Saturday post on the winner) in order to watch tonight's Haiti telethon.

I would urge anyone reading to watch tonight. It sounds really cool, has lots of good bands, movie stars, famous people, etc. But most of all -- IT'S FOR A REALLY GOOD CAUSE.

So watch. It's on just about every channel on television. Check your local listings. Donate if you haven't. And if you have, maybe you could donate again. We probably will.

Until tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad you're revising and not trashing. I'm really looking forward to reading the finished product. And I encourage everyone to help out Haiti if you can. A co-worker of mine is from Haiti and her mom was killed over there. It really drove the disaster home for me and people I work with.

  2. Ditto what Marty said about revising. I always saved a new file each day so I could backtrack if I got a little too bloodthirsty with the red pen (and prove I wrote the story if it came down to it).

  3. Yep, it makes us stronger...and makes me live on the edge of insanity at times. Hah! But what's life without a little adventure and pain?
    What's that Marine phrase? Oh yeah, pain is weakness leaving the body.
    I'm happy that your moving forward with your revisions.