Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love link

So I received this Love Link thingy from my friend Gina, who continually amazes me with her depth and coolness.

I'm not really sure what I've done to deserve such a thing, but I'm grateful and touched that she gave it to me. I'm liking this Internet writer-friend thing.

Gina is a tough-as-nails writer-biker chick with a heart as big as her intellect. She goes on these hilarious rants sometimes and, amazingly, always manages to bring the point around to something that's meaningful and profound. Gina's deep and insightful posts can be found here //

Follow her. She rocks. She's also one hell of a writer. Just wait until you meet Shay -- a girl that will stay in your heart and mind long after you quit reading about her.

Now, I'm supposed to pass this on to five blogger friends. So I happily pass my Love Link on this Valentine's Day to:

Christi at Christi is a a frequent commenter on this blog and a dear friend of mine. She is creative, a bit of a free spirit, intellectually deep and a very good writer. She also had the courage to submit the query for her completed novel to the Query Shark. I predict good things for Christi. Really.

Kristy at Kristy is funny, self-deprecating and slightly profane at times. She's one of the most endearing people I've met online. And man, can she write! I love her blog to death. If you want to laugh and get deep at the same time, go read her blog. Do it every day. It's worth it.

Tera at Tera is a poet and artist from Texas whose two joys in life are raising her cute-as-a-button young son and creating things that speak to the heart. Tera has had a tough life and uses her poetry and art to help her make sense of a world that sometimes can be as cruel as a hot Texas afternoon. Go read her poem called simply "Jeans." You'll be glad you did.

Josin at Another Texas girl, Josin not only has the coolest name in literature, but is somewhat famous for having an excerpt of a blog comment used on uber-agent Janet Reid's website. It doesn't get any cooler than that. Josin is a superb writer who likes to post excerpts of her work for us to enjoy. Go. Read her stuff. I also think she would be a great beta reader for me and someday I'm going to get up the courage to ask her. ;)

Aidan at I just discovered this blog recently and am amazed at how incredibly cool, deep and touching it is. Aidan's debut novel is coming out in a few months. She's a former NYC lawyer who quit her high-powered job to raise her two darling kids, be with her handsome hubby in their Manhattan apartment -- and write. She's a girl after my own heart. You must read her blog. And to top it off, she spends hours answering each comment with kind, thoughtful words. She truly appreciates her commenters. I could learn much about blogging and being a decent human being from Aidan.

So there you have it. My five Love Link friends. So now what? Well, now those of you who received this need to follow the instructions in the paragraph below. And those of you reading this, go to the above blogs, read and enjoy them. And tell them I sent you.

You have received a LOVE LINK, now it's your turn to pass it on. Pick 5 special blog friends/readers/or non-blogging friends to link to and post about in addition to the person who LOVE-LINKED you; don't forget to add this notice to your post. This paragraph links you to (where it all started) because we want to know how far the love spreads and to how many. So, please come and leave a comment to tell us who you are and that you received a LOVE LINK from a friend.


  1. Okay, wtf. I left a comment ten minutes ago and even made it all the way through the captcha thing (I remember it was sileobest which cracked me up. Silly ol' beast.) So anyway, I'm gonna try this again:

    Thanks so much, Terry. I'm truly flattered. If I could, I'd give it right back to you. Luckily, I get the chance to pimp you at the beginning, so it all works out.

  2. You can thank me by continuing to post on your great blog!

    And yes, you get first pimp rights! ;)

  3. Awee -- you made me blush. (Ack! Blushing clashes with red hair something fierce!!!!! )

    You left out "shockingly short" ;-)

    Thanks, Terry. You have a great blog here, and you're a pretty snazzy writer yourself.

  4. Hey. My lovely wife is five-foot-even (although she swears she's 5-1). Now THAT'S shockingly short! ;)

  5. JESUS CHRIST TERRY! My eyes welled up. Thanks for seeing all of that. It's nice when I can see myself through others eyes. It looks better that way sometimes. Have they invented rose colored contacts yet? Not that I wear glasses or anything but wouldn't that be cool?

    By the way, no need to feel guilty. There's no rush. I know you have alot to do before you leave. I just appreciate you taking a look at it.

    Shay thanks you too.

  6. Congrats Terry!

    I can see your followers increasing rapidly. Jolly good thing too. You are definitely worth a follow :)

  7. Thank you for the award and the nice things you said about my blog! I needed something to perk me up!

  8. Thank you so much for the link love and for your kind words, Terry. I have so appreciated the thoughtful comments you have left at Ivy League Insecurities and am thrilled to be here now reading your words.

    Happy belated Valentine's!

  9. You have a great blog here, and you're a pretty snazzy writer yourself.

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